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The Cardinal Team

Elyse Lurie

Director of Finance & Accounting

Cardinal Capital Management, L.L.C.
Four Greenwich Office Park
Third Floor
Greenwich, Connecticut 06831
T + 203.485.7182
F + 203.861-4112


Elyse Lurie is the director of finance and accounting of Cardinal Capital. She has been in the investment industry since 2010. Prior to joining Cardinal in 2017, Elyse served as accounting manager at Larch Lane Advisors LLC, where she was responsible  for  both  corporate  and  partnership  accounting.  Prior  to  Larch  Lane  Advisors,  Elyse  was  employed with both small and large domestic as well as international publicly traded corporations; serving as accountant for Fiera Capital and Pepsi Bottling Group. 

Elyse holds a BS from Mercy University.